The commissions just keep rolling in.

In 2016 Meldon House & Home was lucky enough to find a painter for our Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. This meant that our buyer could increase her range of purchases for the shop. Instead of just trading onwards finished items, we now source some really interesting stock that needs a refresh. The twist from this being that now we often have somebody painting in store, customers ask whether or not we can paint their items.


This is so much fun, for us and the customers. It gives a real connection between the item, the buyer and us as providers of the service. The owner is able to watch the transformation of a forgotten and unloved item into a much more contemporary piece that forms the heart of room. We are happy to paint such pieces in store, or, for larger items, our painter goes mobile in and around Oxted.

This week alone we've had a dining table, eight chairs, and two South African coffee tables in for painting. Our buyer is off to quote on re-painting a fitted kitchen, and next week two tables are in bound.

Above is the South African coffee table and a sample piece from the kitchen. The table was a bit of a challenge in many ways. Firstly the leather had to be kept paint free. Secondly this was a really oily piece of wood. Whatever we did, the oil would rise through the paint, sealing lacquer or cleaning agent. In the end our painter hit upon the idea of boiling the oil off with an hairdryer, which worked.

What a job this was. A 6ft, round table and eight chairs. As you can see we start from the bottom on all of our projects. It always surprises people to see their piece turned upside down when we start. This is a personal thing to the owner of Meldon; she hates it when people move something, only to see areas left bereft of paint. Hence why our painter is always dusty.....

If you do want to talk about commission work, please call Judie on 01883 716005.

Kind regards,

Judie Sherriff

Never trust a colour addict.

Our buyer bought a lovely cabinet the other week; oak with barley twist legs. OK it was dark oak, and it was quite damaged in a few places. However, a good solid piece requiring little work. We gave it to our painter with the instruction "Repair: Paris Grey" and left him to it.

Something got lost in the translation.

It started well - at least it was grey.

It started well - at least it was grey.

Obviously adding the rather delightful knobs did something to him.

How is this Paris Grey? It's bonkers is what it is.

The one thing he did do was repair it. New knobs, fixed the drawers plus some trim. The Paris Grey? What happened to that! In fairness to him, it does look great. It's gone from being a dark oak, to, well, just about every bright colour Annie Sloan does. He's even aged it quite effectively with a dark wax. We did try and speak to him, but he walked off muttering something about "copper leaf" and "stencil" so we suspect this piece is not finished in his eyes.

We've now put this into the shop window as quite frankly it is stunning.

Judie Sherriff

Whilst the cat's away....

Hello Dear Reader,

what a positive start to 2017 it has been. All of my customers are full of positive cheer, which given the cold weather, is very uplifting. There's always a lot of laughter in my shop, not least amongst my staff, especially so it seems whilst I am out working. Here we see Phil and Trudie - she of Yateley Papers fame. We're proud to say that Meldon House & Home were their first official stockists.  

On a personal note, being a professional painter, a furniture buyer and driver of ancient Land Rover, clearly isn't good for me. I've managed to injure my arm, which is annoying as there is so much to do. Today, for instance, I had to collect almost 200 tins of paint, move a bookcase on to a new home, plus 100 other things. No rest at all in this business.

[Have you seen the traffic wardens here in Oxted? What's gotten into them? I know they have a job to do, and we all need to abide by the rules, but why are they working mob handed all of a sudden? Seems so unfriendly and harsh.]

Anyway, moving on. Wardens aside, having positive and keen customers makes it all worth the effort. Here's my painter discussing colour with one of my regular customers, who is a delight as he is restoring a 600 year old house using our breathable paint. I'm going to have to have a serious talk with Phil, though, as he managed to actually talk him out of buying some more paint. And look what he's done to my lovely side tables!

In all seriousness, whilst we want to sell paint, and would dearly love you to attend one of our fun painting courses, we just want to see you walk out happy. If that means a bit of free painting or waxing advice, or even here where Phil convinced the customer that green was not to be, then so be it.

Thank you all - staff and customers - for being such an inspiration to us all here at Meldon.

Judie Sherriff

Explosion in an Annie Sloan paint factory!

As usual busy, busy, busy here at Meldon House & Home. Our buyer braved the cold and popped over to Ardingly the other day. Apparently, although cold, it was a gorgeous day. She bought some stunning items, yet did ask where all the traders had gone as it was very quiet there.

Sometimes I feel sorry for our painter in residence. Quite a few of our customers come into the shop and ask as to what the smell is? "Oh, it's our painter experimenting with turps and white spirit." I make him sound like some slouched alcoholic, when in reality all he is doing is restoring furniture for us. Like this antique chair, shown below as a work in progress.

As you can see, although we love colour, and the texture that Annie Sloan chalk paints can achieve, quite often we hardly do anything to a piece. Originality is key, as is just enhancing the beauty that the designer put into the item in the first place. We love simple, pure quality and always strive to find unusual pieces for our loyal customers. This chair is a fine example, as all we have done is lift the colour a little.

Saying that, painting is about fun, as this little "explosion of colour" demonstrates!

Eight colours and counting.

Eight colours and counting.

We know it's cold outside, yet don't let that stop you popping in to Meldon. Always chirpy and bright here.

Judie Sherriff

The Meldon House Blog

It is now the start of 2017 and here at Meldon we are not miserable - indeed we are starting the year with a Bang! as so much stock has gone out to new, wonderful homes. So much so that Judie is off to Ardingly to source yet more interesting items for the shop. As always, we desperately need stock - furniture, garden ornaments, things; you have it, we want it.

Meldon is Judie. Judie is Meldon. However, inspiration is nothing without customers, and luckily we have many who are not only willing to spend [our favourite bit really], but who are artistic in their own ways. This is so exciting. We are lucky to bring in people who not only like our products and the things we do to them, but who can also offer insights into how the business gets developed. There's no right or wrong way to paint using chalk, yet there are so many ways to get a business wrong and we really do appreciate the feedback customers give to us.

It has also transpired that we are one of the top Annie Sloan paint suppliers in the UK. That makes us so proud, not only of our efforts in bringing dynamic colour to Oxted, but in knowing we have continued support from our loyal customers. We appreciate you so much, and hope you enjoyed all the free food and drink we gave out over Christmas.

Rather excitingly the commission side of our business is proving a hit. Whilst we are happy to supply the paints, to train anybody in using them artistically, sometimes, just sometimes you just do not have the time to undertake a project. Please do speak to Judie for any commission work; it costs less than you think.

Don't forget that Meldon is also home to some stunning decorative mirrors, original stationary from Yateley Papers, and seasonal gifts from the chirpy Cat. We are so much more than just furniture.

Thank you,

Judie Sherriff