Picture Framing

At Meldon House we know how much you love your paintings, photos and collectibles, so we appreciate how important it is to have them framed to perfection!  

Our in-house framer, Colin Hales has over 30 years' professional experience, during which time he has framed literally thousands of items, with a huge diversity of subjects - from simple photographs to Tower of London ceramic poppies.

"My philosophy has always been to frame the item and not the room, as the decor can change, but the picture will always remain the same."


Frequently asked what is the most expensive item he's ever framed, Colin says that while most of his commissions are of low financial value, but priceless in sentimental value. However, he did once frame a robe that was hand-made for a Chinese Emperor and valued at over £30,000!  

Whatever the value Colin will always treat his customers' items with the greatest respect and care.

With a choice of over 1000 different types of frame, 200 different colour mounts and at least 10 different kinds of glass, Colin's experience and judgement enables him to advise on the best options for each individual piece.

Please come and see us or call to have an item quoted for framing.